Photos of the month✨

Hey, for today’s blog. I’m doing a photos of the month. So let’s go. these are all taken by me, and also these are the photos I like the most out of the ones I took. Do you think I should do more of these photos? If so comment in the comment section! Which one […]

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Recommendations on Netflix✨

Hey, I’m going to recommend some films/series that are on netflix that I personally think’s worth watching! So let’s go! Kissing booth– I recommend this film because I think it’s so good to watch and it’s a 10/10 film! F the prom- it’s an eye catching film and I could definitely watch it again. Alexa […]

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My bucket list✨

Hey, for today’s blog, I’m going to share my bucket list. So let’s get started! I want to get faster in my 100m sprint. My current time is 16.08 seconds. Get out and see more of the world before I turn 16 Make more friends in and out of school before I leave in year […]

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The shuffle song tag✨

Hi there! So, I was nominated for this tag by the Amazing The Unknown Wiki to do this tag. Thank you so much for nominating me! Rules • Hit shuffle play on any devices or apps that you listen to music on. • List the first ten songs that play. • Tag some people! My […]

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10 facts about me✨

Hey, for today’s blog, I’m going to be blogging about 10 facts about me… as you can tell by the title. So let’s go.. 1. I’ve been on WordPress since March. 2. My birthday is September 18th (turning 15 this year, god aren’t I getting old😂). 3. I’ve been an athlete since August 14th 2013, […]

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Dance show 2018

For today’s blog, I’m going to tell you all about this year’s dance show! (My costume for the show) So for my dance show, it was on the 16th and 17th of June. We had rehearsals on the 12th and 15th of June. For the rehearsals, we got given our changing rooms for the actual […]

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